Down Payment

General Karen Olson 4 Jun

A down payment is one of the most essential aspects of every mortgage application and new home purchase. In Canada, home purchases require a minimum cash payment from your own funds that is put towards the purchase. This is your down payment and is considered your stake in the deal. Many home buyers understand that […]

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First Responder Mortgage Program

General Karen Olson 21 May

Proud to launch our exclusive First Responder Mortgage Program, offering competitive rates and cash back incentives. Going live June 1st 2021, Canada wide! We really appreciate the hard work of our First Responders – Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, and all who are working hard to keep us safe and healthy.

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Stay In The Home You Love

General Karen Olson 16 Apr

According to a 2018 CIBC poll, 90% of Canadians don’t have a formal or detailed retirement plan and many think that downsizing or taking a home equity line of credit are their only options. Contact me to find out how you can access some of your home’s equity, allowing you to stay in the home you […]

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How to Verify Your Down Payment When Buying a Home

General Karen Olson 14 Oct

How to Verify Your Down Payment When Buying a Home Saving for a down payment is one of the biggest challenges facing people wanting to buy their first home. To fulfill the conditions of your mortgage approval, it’s all about what you can prove (hard to believe – but some people have lied in the […]

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